Crystal Reflexology

About Crystal Reflexology and what to expect when coming for a treatment.

About Crystal Reflexology

Crystal Reflexology combines a traditional foot reflexology therapy session with the gentle, but powerful, energies of specially selected crystals to help restore balance to your body, mind and soul.

During a Crystal Reflexology treatment, I use selected crystals to create a bespoke calming environment for you to receive your treatment. The treatment session initially mirrors your usual foot reflexology session (click here to find out more about reflexology treatments).

After working your brain, spine and central nervous system reflexes I will then introduce a number of specially selected crystal tumblestones to help open, clear and balance your chakras. During the rest of the Crystal Reflexology treatment, I will work on any agreed areas of focus and I will use a crystal wand to gently clear any imbalances that I find in the reflexes. A crystal gua sha and crystal mushroom are also used in the treatment and in the closing massage.

The full Crystal Reflexology treatment lasts 75 minutes* and offers all the usual benefits of reflexology (deep relaxation, release of tension, improved sleep, improved mood and wellbeing) that are amplified and enhanced by the use of the crystals.

*You will need to allow time for a consultation in addition to the hands on therapy session.

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Crystal gua sha and wand - crystal reflexology

Why Choose Crystal Reflexology?

Crystal Reflexology is a truly holistic therapy working to balance your body, mind and soul.

If you already enjoy the benefits of reflexology and are looking for a longer reflexology treatment session where the benefits are further enhanced by the energies of the crystals used then this is the treatment for you.

If you are curious to try Reflexology, interested in the perceived healing properties of crystals and would like to combine the 2 then this treatment is for you.

The Crystal Reflexology Treatment

The Crystal Reflexology treatment combines traditional foot reflexology treatment with the use of crystals.

Crystals are used to create a welcoming and harmonious treatment space. Crystals are used on the feet to help open, clear and balance the chakras and crystal tools (including wands, mushroom and gua sha) are used during the treatment to help clear any imbalances in the reflexes.


Crystals have been used for centuries in various treatments . Crystals are minerals that store energy and are used in everyday life to improve the performance and function of equipment from watches, lasers, and even medical equipment.

The belief is that the crystals interact with our body's subtle energy system to help to open, clear and balance our chakras, bringing about a subtle rebalancing and harmonizing of the body, mind and soul. The aim is to leave you feeling calm, refreshed, deeply relaxed, and energised.

Feedback and Aftercare

At the end of the Crystal Reflexology treatment we will discuss any areas where I may have found an imbalance and any areas where you were particularly sensitive to the crystals.

I will also give you after care advice on how to get the maximum benefit from your treatment session. You will be advised to eat a light diet, drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol or other stimulants and most importantly to listen to your body.

We will discuss any hand reflexology points that may help you between treatment sessions.

Some frequently asked questions...

What crystals do you use?

I have a number of crystals (raw and polished) chosen for their energetic properties within my treatment room to help induce a calming therapeutic environment.

During the treatment session I use a selection of specially selected tumblestones to work your chakra points on your feet. These include snow quartz, amethyst, blue lace agate, rose quartz, citrine, carnelian and haematite.

I also use crystal mushrooms, wands and gua sha during the treatment.

How do you use the crystals?

During the treatment I will very gently hold the crystals individually against your chakra points on your feet (right first and then the left).

During the rest of the treatment I use the crystal wand to help clear any any imbalances in your reflexes (that I have found using my hands as usual).

The gua sha and mushrooms are used to enhance the benefits of the massage and to leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

What are the benefits?

Crystal Reflexology is Reflexology enhanced by the use of crystals. Reflexology is proven to induce a relaxation, release tension from the body (thereby helping with pain), help with sleep (duration and quality), improve mood and contribute to improved wellbeing.

My clients tell me that after Crystal Reflexology they feel even more relaxed and energised than they usually do after a Reflexology treatment, and that their sleep, mood and other benefits specific to themselves last longer with the use of crystals than without. They love it!

What if I don't believe in crystals?

It doesn't matter whether you believe in the crystals or not.

Even if you are sceptical about the use of crystals the therapy will offer you the chance to lie back on my comfortable couch, switch off from the outside world, relax and clear your mind. You will leave the treatment session feeling calm, relaxed, refreshed and rebalanced.

How long is the treatment?

Your Crystal Reflexology session includes a consultation followed by 75 minutes of hands on therapy.

A Crystal Reflexology session is 15 minutes longer than a traditional foot Reflexology treatment session as it includes a full Reflexology therapy treatment plus additional time spent working with the crystals on the chakra points and any imbalance in the reflexes.

What does it cost?

Crystal Reflexology is charged at £57.00 for the session. This is more expensive that my other Reflexology treatments to reflect the additional 15 minutes of hands on therapy.

Payment is accepted by cash, card or bank transfer at the time of the session.

Get in touch

Please use the form below to contact me if you have any queries about Reflexology or to book a Reflexology or Indian Head Massage session, or if you wish to buy gift vouchers. Alternatively, you can call me on |07928 672056|. I will respond to you by email unless you provide a contact telephone number for text messaging or call. Please add to your safe senders list to prevent my return contact being sent to your spam folder. Vicki.

My location

I am based in Holmes Chapel, near Crewe in Cheshire within easy reach of Knutsford, Congleton, Goostrey, Sandbach, and Macclesfield. My treatment room is easily accessible from Junction 18 of the M6. I see clients from the whole of Cheshire and also from further afield including Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and Manchester. Off street parking is available.

To find out more or to enquire about booking a Reflexology or Indian Head Massage session, call me on |07928 672056|. You can also get in touch with me directly, using my secure and confidential online contact form.

Fees & Terms

Crystal Reflexology sessions cost £57 per 75 minutes treatment session.

Payment is taken at the time of the session. I accept payment in cash, card or by bank transfer.

For a first consultation and treatment session you should allow up to 2 hours. All subsequent sessions last around 1 hour 30 minutes including a short consultation.

Please note that if you arrive late for your session, you will be charged in full for your treatment session, but your treatment time will be reduced.

Please note that if you wish to cancel or rearrange an appointment I require 24 hours’ notice; otherwise I reserve the right to charge you for any sessions missed.

What my clients say...