About Reflexology and what to expect when coming for a treatment

About Reflexology

Reflexology is a gentle but powerful complementary therapy involving the application of gentle pressure to specific reflex points mapped on your feet, face or hands. It helps to relax your body and your mind, and to stimulate your body's own healing processes.

Reflexology can trace its origins back thousands of years to ancient Egypt, India and China. It was reintroduced to the West in the early 20th Century by an ENT Surgeon called Dr William Fitzgerald who discovered that he could stop toothache by squeezing a toe. He originally called it "zone therapy" after finding that the body could be divided into 10 zones and that by applying pressure in one area he could alleviate pain in another. Since then, the therapy has developed into what is now known as Reflexology.

The theory behind Reflexology is that energy zones run through your body and are mapped on your feet, face and hands. Within the zones there are reflex points that correspond with major organs, glands and body systems. By applying gentle pressure to these reflex areas, Reflexology can bring about a state of deep relaxation and help to restore a healthy balance - both physically and mentally.

Reflexology is proven to help with sleep, relieve tension, bring about relaxation, improve mood and promote wellbeing. It is so much more than just a foot rub or a facial massage.

Foot Reflexology

What Happens in a Reflexology Session?

Your reflexology session starts with a consultation. If this is your first session with me we will have a discussion about what you expect from Reflexology and I will answer any questions that you may have. I will then complete a confidential health and lifestyle questionnaire with you. I will ask you questions about your health and lifestyle, any conditions and physical symptoms you are experiencing, and details of medications you may be taking. I will also discuss with you any potential contra actions that you may experience as a result of the treatment. We will agree the focus areas for your reflexology session, (including acupressure points for facial reflexology) and your choice of medium such as cream, wax or carrier oils.

At your second and subsequent sessions we need only complete a short questionnaire noting any changes to your health, physical symptoms and medications.

I will then ask you to lie back on my comfortable couch (with adjustable backrest) supported by cushions/pillows. For foot reflexology you need only remove your shoes and socks. For facial reflexology there is no need to remove any clothing, but you may choose to wear a headband or turban to help to keep the carrier oil out of your hair.

The treatment...

Once you are comfortably settled in my recliner chair the treatment will commence.

During the treatment I will usually play some relaxing music, but if you prefer silence, that is perfectly fine. I will encourage you to close your eyes and relax but if you wish to talk during foot reflexology, that is your choice. This is your treatment session, tailored for you.

For foot reflexology I will cleanse your feet using bamboo cotton cleansing pads soaked in warm water with some floral water of your choice. I will then apply the wax of your choice to each foot and carry out a gentle massage warm up of each foot before starting the therapy itself.

For facial reflexology the treatment will begin with a gentle facial massage using your choice of carrier oil before I start the therapy itself.

Reflexology involves me using my thumbs and fingers to "walk" over the reflexes in your feet, hands and face. For Facial Reflexology I may also use a massage wand to apply gentle pressure to the relevant acupressure points.

Every treatment ends with a gentle massage and a glass of water to help kick start your hydration.

The Products I use

All the products I use are cruelty free. I have products suitable for vegan clients.

I currently use floral waters supplied by Naturally Thinking.

Vegan clients can select from a choice of reflexology waxes supplied by Songbird Naturals for foot and hand reflexology.

Non vegan clients can select from a choice of reflexology creams supplied by Flying Wild in addition to the vegan waxes supplied by Songbird Naturals.

For facial reflexology I use cold pressed carrier oils from Naturally Thinking - selected for their nutritional benefits.

In an effort to reduce waste I use bamboo cotton cleansing pads in place of cotton wool pads.

Feedback and homework

At the end of the Reflexology treatment I will discuss with you any areas where I may have found an imbalance.

I will discuss with you any hand reflexology that you can carry out as self-care homework in between our sessions. I will demonstrate any techniques for your self hand reflexology homework.

For Facial Reflexology Clients I will also identify any relevant facial acupressure points and demonstrate how best to stimulate these acupressure points at home in between treatments.

I will also give you after care advice on how to get the maximum benefit from your treatment session.

We will also discuss the plan for future treatments and their frequency. It is recommended that initially a course of treatments is carried out in order to derive maximum benefit from the therapy.

Top to Toe

Combined Indian Head Massage and Reflexology

If you're looking for the ultimate treatment for stress relief and relaxation look no further than my Top To Toe treatment.

This consists of 45 minutes of Indian Head Massage (with or without oil) followed by 45 minutes of Reflexology. A full 90 minutes of therapy (plus consultation time).

The price for this incredible combined therapy session is £75.00.

Top to Toe combined IHM and Reflexology from 1 May 2023


Combined Treatments

I now offer bespoke combined treatments - specially designed to suit your specific needs. You can choose your own combination from any of the treatments I offer including:

💜Facial Reflexology

💜Foot Reflexology

💜Crystal Reflexology

💜 Elements of Indian Head Massage (massage of upper back, neck, scalp, shoulders, hands, arms)

You can choose either 75 minutes' treatment for £60 or 90 minutes' treatment for £75. You will need to choose the treatment duration at the point of booking but you can decide on the combination of treatments on the day of your treatment itself. If you have any queries about any of the treatments I offer, or which combination may suit you best, please give me a call or use the contact form below. Vicki.

Some frequently asked questions...

Do you need to know my medical history?

Reflexology is a holistic therapy meaning that it works with your whole body and mind to bring it back into balance. I need to know about your health and lifestyle and any illnesses, injuries or conditions that you may currently be experiencing or may have experienced in the past, together with details of medication that you take. The information given is entirely confidential.

I also need to be aware of any contraindications that may mean that I am unable to give you a reflexology treatment on the day.

Is there any reason why I cannot have reflexology?

Reflexology is generally safe to have alongside conventional medical treatment.

However, there are some circumstances when I would be unable to treat you. These include: having a deep vein thrombosis; having a fever; having or having been in contact with infectious or contagious disease (including Covid-19); having had a vaccination in the last 72 hours; having an undiagnosed pain condition; having recently undergone surgery; having severe cellulitis; being under the influence of alcohol or drugs; having unhealed fractures in the bones of the foot or ankle.

Does reflexology hurt or tickle?

Reflexology is not usually painful. You may, however, find as I am carrying out the Reflexology treatment that some areas are more sensitive than others. If a reflex is sensitive I will usually ask you to breathe deeply and will adjust the pressure to work over the reflex area until the sensation passes. I am also able to adjust the pressure.

Reflexology also does not usually tickle. Many clients are concerned that they have ticklish feet, but the techniques used are usually firm enough that clients are able to relax throughout the treatment.

How long is a treatment?

For a first reflexology session you should allow up to one hour and 30 minutes for the session. This is to allow for the completion of the confidential health and lifestyle questionnaire and to discuss your treatment aims and objectives.

All subsequent reflexology sessions last one hour.

Unlike some other therapists I do not charge any additional fee for the first consultation and therapy session. My fees are £50 for all one hour reflexology sessions.

Are there any side effects?

Reflexologists refer to "side effects" as contra actions.

Following a treatment you may experience some of the following contra actions: feeling hot or cold; having a slight headache; feeling light headed or dizzy; having a runny nose; feeling thirsty; needing to pass urine or opening your bowels more frequently; having muscular aches and pains; feeling tired and needing to sleep; feeling more energised; having heightened emotions.

Any contra actions will usually be mild and will usually pass within 24 to 48 hours of the treatment.

I will give you detailed aftercare advice to help minimise the impact of any contra actions.

Can you diagnose or cure?

Reflexologists cannot claim to diagnose or cure conditions, but during a treatment I will get 'feedback' from a reflex as to which parts of the body are working well and which parts are not. If a particular reflex point shows signs of imbalance I will discuss this with you at the end of your session.

Reflexology works with the body's own healing processes to help achieve a healthy balance. Whilst reflexology cannot claim to cure any condition, it does have a number of proven benefits including: release of tension; relaxation; improving mood; aiding sleep and promoting wellbeing.

These benefits can offer help to people living with long term conditions to enable them to cope better with their conditions.

Get in touch

Please use the form below to contact me if you have any queries about Reflexology or to book a Reflexology or Indian Head Massage session, or if you wish to buy gift vouchers. Alternatively, you can call me on |07928 672056|. I will respond to you by email unless you provide a contact telephone number for text messaging or call. Please add to your safe senders list to prevent my return contact being sent to your spam folder. Vicki.

My location

I am based in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire within easy reach of Knutsford, Congleton, Goostrey, Sandbach, and Macclesfield. My treatment room is easily accessible from Junction 18 of the M6. I see clients from the whole of Cheshire and also from further afield including Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and Manchester. Off street parking is available.

To find out more or to enquire about booking a Reflexology or Indian Head Massage session, call me on |07928 672056|. You can also get in touch with me directly, using my secure and confidential online contact form.

Fees & Terms

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage sessions currently cost £50 per one hour session.

Crystal Reflexology is charged at £57 per session and Tsuboki Face Massage sessions currently cost £55 per session.

Payment is taken at the time of the session. I accept payment in cash, card or by bank transfer.

For a first consultation and treatment session you should allow up to 1 hour 30 minutes. All subsequent sessions last around 1 hour including a short consultation.

Please note that if you arrive late for your session, you will be charged in full for your treatment session, but your treatment time will be reduced.

Please note that if you wish to cancel or rearrange an appointment I require 24 hours’ notice; otherwise I reserve the right to charge you for any sessions missed.

What my clients say...